Discovering the power of food is an amazing journey. I can help you look and think about nutrition in a new way! Knowing we have control of what goes in our mouth and knowing the relation of food and disease, better choices can be made to help prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, acid reflux, arthritis, and the list continues. The efforts you make today will give you valuable return in regards to your quality of life now and in the future.

If you feel overloaded with information and “healthy” choices/diets, consider allowing me to work hand in hand with you to develop a plan that fits your lifestyle, likes and dislikes.

Getting started is easy with a one-hour nutrition consult where we can work together to develop a plan that is a perfect fit for where you are at right now.

Consider ways I can help you:
• Understanding the nutrition label and making the best choice for you and your family

• Assisting in planning out menus that fit your schedule

• Separating the fact from the fiction when it comes to the latest news topic

• Motivating you to get started and to carry out your goals

• Analyzing current activity level and planning an effective physical activity plan

• Assist as an accountability person to help in day to day decisions