Sports Nutrition

I am passionate about fueling my body with the healthiest foods and challenging my body in ways to keep fit and feel fantastic and I love helping others do the same! Whether your are new to the gym, trying to improve your endurance, involved in competitive performances, or a body builder to name a few, I will access your needs and develop a plan that is just right for you!

With thousands of marketed supplements, performance foods, and sports drinks it can be hard to wade through on your own especially to even know if you need any of them or are they even safe.

I can assist you on getting back to the basics of fueling your body with real food and hydration based on your level of activity and using research to review supplements and their safety and success rates.

We will discuss your likes and dislikes, your normal routine and your struggles to find the best meal plan and schedule to meet your needs. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!


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