Weight Management

Are you looking to manage your weight more effectively and realistically?

I feel it comes down to looking at your life in a realistic manner, tackling specific areas and setting measurable achievable goals one at a time. Guidance on where to start and what the healthiest diet is for you is where I come in.

Make an appointment to receive a personal assessment of your current diet and routine and for help on improving your lifestyle and managing your weight.

We will sit down together and discuss hurdles and possible scenarios that you may encounter:
• Time management—how to find time in your day to organize/prepare healthy meals no matter what your schedule may be like
• Monetary concerns—we will find healthy options available to you no matter your budget or monetary restraints
• When/how to exercise—together we will set a plan to work towards your goals starting with where you are at and gradually working up
• Portion sizes—we can discuss appropriate meals, how much, at home versus eating out, and tips on how to handle hunger and cravings

My goal is to help you make lifestyle changes, help you feel more energized and to improve your quality of life.

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