Clean Break to a Spring Break

What comes to mind when you think of Spring Break? For me it is sunshine, the lake and being outdoors. Even if you do not do anything special for Spring Break, it is a reminder that summer is right around the corner. So now is the time to get in tip top health and shape!

Choose one habit that is keeping you from being as healthy as possible in regards to your food choices and one habit in regards to your physical activity.

Write out what you can do differently for one week with a specific action plan.

For instance: You have been skipping breakfast and mid morning grabbing a soda for a pick me up.

Goal: I will eat breakfast at least 5 days of the week by prepping the night before and setting my alarm clock 15 minutes earlier. If not able to eat at home, I will keep a packet of nuts at my office and a bottle of water handy.

For instance: You remember last year when you were walking for 45 minutes at least 4/week, but have not laced up your tennis shoes for months.

Goal: I will do some form of physical activity 3 days this week starting at least 15 minutes including walking outside or on the treadmill, or dancing inside the house.

The idea is make a change no matter how small but something you will be able to do for the long haul. Each week reevaluate and decide how you need to build upon the previous on your way to better health!