Being Diabetic and a full time wife and mom to two beautiful energetic boys, my health hit rock bottom. Something had to change and fast. I decided it was time to turn my health around with a Dietitian and exercise. I called Shelby Killion and she put me on a good nutritional regiment. Within 2 days of eating clean my health changed for the better. My sugars came down and the doctor cut my insulin in half. It was awesome! I felt better and life started looking up for me. I am so thankful to Shelby for helping me get back on track!
– Sally R

With the assistance from Ms Killion, I have been able to change my eating habits along with gaining knowledge of living a healthier lifestyle that I can now share with my children. Throughout each session Ms Killion has guided and taught nutrition, along with providing nonstop support along my journey. Without the assistance and extensive knowledge base that Ms Killion provided I would have never reached my full potential or personal goals. From day one Ms Killion and I have established personal goals that were visual, making a daily reminder of what changes I needed to make in order to obtain those goals. I am truly grateful for the time and knowledge Ms Killion has shared with me that I am now passing along to my family on making great choices towards a healthy lifestyle.                                                – Rusty P

When I first started to see Shelby, I weighed over 250 pounds and with her help and encouragement I was able to lose 80 pounds and I’m still working on the 40 pounds that I still need to lose to achieve a healthy weight. With my weight, I had health issues such as high blood pressure, sleep apnea and was borderline diabetic. Besides having these issues, I was always tired and would hurt all the time, to the point of taking an Aleve every night so that I could wake up without hurting. Since I lost 80 pounds my blood pressure is under control and I no longer have sleep apnea and have more energy than I ever use to have. Shelby helped me to understand the importance of nutrition and exercise and how it all works together to lose weight. I know that I couldn’t have achieved this without her caring and her constant encouragement. For me, the most important advice that Shelby gave me was that “It’s all about choices it doesn’t always have to be the best choice we make but don’t let it be the worst one…..                                                                                                        -Kathy P

Overall I am so glad we chose to do the food sensitivity testing and follow through with the eating plan. It has been a challenge but well worth it! We have noticed changes in Benjamin that are priceless. The best way I can describe the most noticeable change is as though static has been cleared from his brain. For the first time ever we have witnessed him attending to challenging tasks and sticking with it rather than just giving up and moving on. During our 3rd week of this, I witnessed Benjamin put together an entire puzzle. That may sound really trivial, but this is something huge for a kid who rarely had his body still enough to attend to any fine-motor skill task. He is more focused and his body is calmer. He still is a high energy kid, but now it seems as though there is purpose in his energy rather than going a million miles in a million directions. Without asking we have received feedback from his physical and occupational therapists that he had “outstanding” and “fantastic” sessions where he focused, completed tasks, and listened to their directions. Before we often heard how he had difficulty sitting still, refused to participate, or acted silly as a way to distract. Thanks for all your help and encouraging us to move forward with doing this!  -Alison H (mother of 4 year old Benjamin)